Featured Day Trip Activities

Central Washington has many natural wonders and recreation areas that are all within a few hours of Canyon River Ranch. If you are looking for a day trip outing, here are some beautiful sites to go visit and explore during your stay at Canyon River Lodge. Checkout the informational brochures attached below for directions, amenities, and area features.

1. Palouse Falls State Park 

Located just over 2 hours from Canyon River Ranch is Palouse Falls State Park, one of the last active waterfalls carved by the Ice Age flood path.

2. Boulder Cave Trail

Just an hour away from Canyon River Ranch is short hike that leads to the natural wonders left behind by a unique erosion process when the Yakima Basalt Formation, a series of lava flows with sediment deposits, covered the area.

3. Dry Falls Visitor Center

Located within 2 hours of Canyon River Ranch is one of the natural wonders of North America. The Dry Falls Cataract is a 3.5 mile chasm of basalt with a 400 foot drop.

4. Rimrock and Clear Lakes

These beautiful mountain lakes are just an hour away from Canyon River Ranch and offers tons of outdoor recreation opportunities. Rimrock lake is fed by the Tieton River and controlled by the Tieton Dam in the Wenatchee National Forest and sits at 2,922 feet of elevation.

5. Cle Elum Lake and Cooper Lake

Just up pass Roslyn on Salmon La Sac Rd. you will drive by all sorts of hidden beauties! There are a lot of  hidden beaches to swim at along the road, as well as hiking and backpacking trails. Speelyi Beach or Owhi Campground are great places to swim and enjoy the peaceful scenery. If you go up further on Salmon La Sac Rd another place to go swimming that everyone loves to go to is called Salmon La Sac Swimming Hole; which will be crosroads with NF-46 Rd across the bridge.