About Canyon River Ranch

Welcome to Canyon River Ranch.  Conveniently located in the heart of the Yakima Canyon, Canyon River Ranch has become the premier resort along the banks of the Yakima River. Surrounded by State and Federal lands, this unique private property provides over 1,000 feet of private waterfront, a beautiful vineyard, and spectacular canyon vistas.  Whether you're staying in one of the river view cabins or lodge condos, participating in an exciting activity at Red's Fly Shop, or dining in Canyon River Grill, our goal is to make your visit to Canyon River Ranch as fun and enjoyable as it can possibly be.  Enjoy your visit and let our friendly staff know if there's anything you need!

Catching Fish in Front of Canyon River Ranch Lodge

The History of Canyon River Ranch:

This property has been a destination of one sort or another in the middle of the canyon since the 1930's when it was a social club (complete with food, drink, and dancing) known as the Lattice Inn.  Prior to our ownership, it was Red's Riverview Campground.  We purchased the property from longtime owner Sharen Larson and her husband Loman Blankenship (aka Red).  It was important to them that the property remain an operating business that provides good services instead of a personal private cabin.  Our goal was to provide the infrastructure to support recreation in the Yakima Canyon.  This scope included retail shop and services, lodging, and food service.  We began planning in 2002, and completed permitting and began construction on the lodge a full 5 years later in 2007. 

The lodge was completed in August 2009.  Timing with the real estate market could have been better, but we made the most of it. We put our best foot forward in the face of the recession and built a strong brand with a loyal following.  Since then Canyon River Ranch has become the premier resort destination in Central Washington.  

We are very proud of this project, and all 3 original partners (Anthony Robins, Richard Leider, and Steve Joyce) remain fully involved today.  We are excited to complete this final sales phase, which is now underway.  In the end, with just 80 total owners (60 lodge shares and 20 cabins) Canyon River Ranch is a small community, really a club.  The owners here are a special group of people who enjoy the peaceful solitude of the canyon, the amenities of the property, and the camaraderie of this community.