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Our Client's Speak
William N.

"Kicking off the fishing season with an early spring overnight to Canyon River Lodge is the way I like to get things started. The fishing can be amazing, or it can be cold and challenging. Either way every visit to the Yakima Canyon is an adventure to remember."

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One Day/One Night - Off Peak Skwala Special

  • February 1st - April 15th

The annual "Skwala Stonefly" hatch takes place in March in the Yakima River Canyon.  It's also our "off peak" season, so this makes it possible to give you a great deal on an overnight trip with us.  February offers less anglers, but offers great solitude and often some of our biggest fish are caught early in the season.  We start catching a few fish on dry flies in mid February, but the hatch picks up momentum in mid-March.

While there is no guarantee on the quantity of the catching, we will have some days that are absolutely exceptional!  Early season fishing typically offers a few less fish, but they will be larger on average often averaging 14-16" with a few stretching to 17-18".


Skwala Fly Assortment

Cost and Details

Trip Includes:

  • 5+ hours of guided fly fishing (we focus on the warmest and most productive portion of the day)
  • Flies
  • Rods/reels if necessary
  • Tippet and Terminal Tackle
  • Lunch on the river

Does Not Include:

  • Dinner (Canyon River Grill is open Thursday - Sunday) OR you can order "Ready Made Meals" that will be found in your lodge suite.  Great food prepped for you.
  • Breakfast ("Ready Made Breakfast" availabe as an add on)
  • Waders and Boots - Rental available on the day of the trip if required


Skwala Special Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to make scheduling adventures with Red's stress free and fair for everyone involved. Cancellations made by the customer less than 24 hours from the start time, or failure to show, will forfeit 50% of the total cost.

In the event your fishing adventure is cancelled by the outfitter due to inclement river conditions, you must reschedule it for a date prior to April 15th to qualify for the Skwala Special pricing. If your party is unable to return prior to April 15th for any reason including lack of guide availability or lodge vacancy, your deposits can be used towards regularly priced adventures later in the season. If you cannot reschedule, you may request a refund -5% to cover processing fees and labor.