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On-Line Camping Reservations

Lower Umtanum Campground Map

Bighorn Campground Map

Lower Umtanum
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Bighorn Camping
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Red's and Canyon River Ranch manage the Bighorn Campground and Boat Launch near Mile Marker 22 just 7 miles upstream of our resort. This beautiful property offers exclusive private tent camping under towering trees with lots of shade and wonderful riverside access.  The property is accessed only via locked gate and customers are given a temporary access code that will work during the duration of their stay.

Pay for Boat Launch Access Online

Access to simply launch a boat can be gained year round by making your reservation online.  A temporary gate code will be instantly emailed to you and allows you to launch 1 boat that particular day. Anyone caught abusing this privilege attempting multiple launches, or multiple boats will be treated as a trespasser.


River Raft and Boat Rental Reservations

We offer several types of boat rentals that depart from Bighorn.  We have 3 sizes of scenic river rafts, and several types of fishing crafts.